NCCU Receives Grant for Accelerator-Based Research at TUNL from DOE NP-RENEW

NCCU Faculty Ben Crowe and Diane Markoff at TUNL
NCCU Faculty Ben Crowe and Diane Markoff at the console of the TUNL FN tandem accelerator.

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Physics has chosen NCCU to receive a Reaching a New Energy Sciences Workforce (RENEW) initiative award. The NCCU grant is about $2 million over 5 years and will be led by faculty members Diane Markoff (PI) and Ben Crowe (co-PI).

This award supports a new faculty member at NCCU to participate in experimental accelerator-based nuclear physics at TUNL under the mentorship of faculty from any of the member institutions. In addition, the award supports a post-baccalaureate program allowing participants to take advanced undergraduate physics courses and engage in TUNL research in anticipation of matriculating into the NCCU physics MS degree program or to take MS courses at NCCU in preparation for a Ph.D. degree program at one of the TUNL research institutions. An initiative is included that brings a faculty member from nearby Durham Technical Community College and students to participate in summer research at TUNL. The award also supports 3 undergraduate students from regional institutions who are traditionally under-represented in nuclear physics to work with NCCU and TUNL faculty in the summer months. This award is an extension or continuation of previous awards granted to the department including a DOE Sponsored Traineeship grant for regional under-represented minority students to participate in TUNL summer research (PI Mohammad Ahmed, co-PIs Diane Markoff and Caesar Jackson) and the NSF-sponsored HBCU Excellence in Research award (PI: M. Ahmed/D. Markoff; co-PIs B. Crowe and C.R. Jackson) that supported both NCCU and other students in TUNL research. The activities of this award will complement the DOE-sponsored award that supports NCCU research at TUNL as part of the umbrella TUNL grant.

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