Visitor Check-in Instructions

Visiting Researcher Instructions

Welcome to TUNL!  Please review the TUNL Code of Conduct that all must abide by in order to use any TUNL facilities.
Please complete the following information at your earliest convenience prior to arriving at TUNL.  All items below are required in order to be given access to the TUNL Buildings and Research Areas, including secure lab areas of TUNL.

Duke Unique ID Request

You will need a Duke Unique ID to access the laboratory and offices after hours. A Duke Unique ID is a number that identifies you in the Duke systems. You can request a Duke Unique ID by emailing the Research Project Manager, Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed. / M.S / RAA at with:
  1. Full Name (First, Middle, and Last)
  2. Preferred Email Address
  3. Home Institution
  4. Sponsor
  5. Scope of Work
  6. Anticipated dates of work
Do this immediately as you will need the Unique ID number to complete many of the remaining required items. We will then request your account creation with the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Once the request has been made you will receive an email from OIT that will ask for more information to complete the process.  Prior to arrival, we will email you your ID Card Letters to take to the card office to get your Duke Card, which is a physical ID card that allows access to buildings and lab areas. Upon arrival you can check in with Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed.:
In order to have access to the Labs, you must complete all the online safety training modules listed below. Please visit and authenticate using your NetID and password.

Export Control: Use of Visitor-Owned Research Materials at TUNL

Visitors using the research areas at TUNL/LENA/FEL are responsible for the shipping and removal of equipment or materials sent and or brought to the facilities. This includes items owned personally or by the visitor’s home institution. Such items are not to be left behind upon the visitor’s departure as Duke/TUNL/FEL will not take responsibility for returning them to you.

For any items that require shipment to our facilities, prior approval from TUNL Management and the Duke Office of Export Controls is required:

Further inquiries may be directed to:
Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed.:

Required Training and Certification For All Researchers in the Laboratory

These are available online at:
You will need your Duke NetID to log into this system.
  1. Radiation Safety Training for TUNL/FEL - Annually
  2. Personnel Monitoring Badge Wearer Training – Annually
  3. Fire/Life Safety – Annually
  4. General Laboratory Safety Training – Annually
  5. Lockout / Tagout for Affected Employees – Initial One Time Training
  6. Hazard Communication for Laboratory Personnel – Annually
    1. Orientation:
    2. Update:
Visiting Researchers to TUNL/LENA/FEL who are staying less than 30 days will use a pocket dosimeter. A dosimeter badge will be issued if your work will be longer than that or ongoing. Please contact the Research Project Manager, Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed. / M.S / RAA at if you will require a dosimeter badge.
  • For Duke University Research Laboratories, you may also have to complete several other safety-training modules, depending on the scope of your work. The Lab Safety Officer will identify these if needed. They are available online at:

Once submitted, it takes a couple of days for Duke Health to review and approve your vaccine submission.  You will need monitor this as it will be the quickest way to get cleared for access to campus.  You should check your vaccine status at the link below and send Shaun Diehl a screen shot showing that you have been cleared.  

You can check the status of your vaccine via this link:

Once you have completed the required safety and certification items above, please notify:
Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed. / M.S / RAA at

List of Contacts for these Instructions

Shaun D Diehl, M.Ed., M.S., RAA. – (919) 744-9536
TUNL IT Department
OIT (Duke Unique and NetID’s) – (919) 684-2200