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18C (1978AJ03)

(Not illustrated)

18C is particle stable. It has been observed in the bombardment of 232Th by 122 MeV 18O ions (1969AR13) and by 172 MeV 22Ne ions (1975VO09) and in the 4.8 GeV proton irradiation of uranium (1974BO05). At Ep = 4.8 GeV, the production cross section is ≈ 100 μb (1974BO05). See also (1972AJ02).

The atomic mass excess of 18C is calculated to be 25.37 MeV by (1977WA08), and we adopt this value. The binding energy of a neutron in 18C is then 3.76 MeV and of two neutrons is then 4.46 MeV, using the (1977WA08) masses for 17C and 16C. For other recent mass calculations of 18C see (1974TH01, 1975JE02, 1976JA23). See also (1972TH13, 1973TO16, 1976WA18, 1977AR06, 1977BH1B) and (1972ST1C, 1973WI15, 1975BE31, 1976BE1G; theor.).